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Home and family safety is a priority for VIKI, whether you are at home or miles away. In addition to the classic break-in alarm and detection facilities, in order to deter potential criminals, VIKI simulates your presence at home, even if you are on vacation. In holiday scenarios, VIKI turns the lights on or off, it raises the blinds or it turns on multimedia equipment, simulating family behavior.

  • Arming and disarming location, with mobile notification in case of an event.
  • Access into the house by recognizing your mobile phone, fingerprint reader, beacon or NFC.
  • Remote door locking / unlocking, door / window status monitoring.

VIKI implements different alarm scenarios for burglary, intruders, fire or carbon monoxide detection, in order to protect the people and the properties in the house. The system communicates through notifications on the mobile phone and specific audio messages according to the identified alarm state, presenting precise evacuation instructions according to the detected event.

For example: In the case of the carbon monoxide (CO) alert scenario, VIKI notifies all household members via mobile phone messages, automatically unlocks access doors to facilitate medical intervention, raises the blinds for better ventilation and flashes the exterior lights, for effective guidance of the emergency crews.