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Smart comfort means more than remote control of the temperature. A really smart house knows when you get home, it turns on the heat or air conditioning before that, and when you leave, it keeps the house at a certain temperature, aiming at energy efficiency, so that you don’t have to worry about it.

  • VIKI knows when you get home and asks you before you leave the office if you want to activate the I'm Coming Home scenario, which prepares your home for your arrival: it turns on the heat / AC, it opens the blinds or turns on the ventilation system .
  • Smart Heating allows differentiated temperature control for each room.
  • The house learns the desired climate according to your activities, and when you leave home it will automatically enter one of the Away scenarios (work or vacation), scheduled to keep the house at predefined climatic parameters (temperature, humidity, shading).

VIKI is able to learn individual preferences related to temperature, humidity, ventilation and shading so that they are always in the preferred state of the user or group present in the room.